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  • Marketing Digital | Camille Poisson | Paris

    ACCUEIL VISION & RESULTS EN SAVOIR PLUS > No posts published in this language yet Once posts are published, you’ll see them here. SERVICES SERVICES MULTI-CHANNEL COMMUNICATION Social networks (LinkedIn, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram, social ads, social selling) Website (SEO, SEA, blog) Press relations Events, sound design DECOUVRIR > INBOUND MARKETING Content marketing Lead generation Marketing automation (emails, leads, newsletters) DECOUVRIR > DIGITAL STRATEGY Marketing, communication & media support Competitive benchmark Brand identity DECOUVRIR > DIRECTEUR MARKETING EN TEMPS PARTAGE Externalisation de la fonction marketing : J'accompagne votre entreprise stratégiquement et opérationnellement dans sa prospection et le développement de ses produits ou services en ligne. J'interviens 1 à 3 jours par semaine selon vos besoins. Ce temps alloué, nous l'utilisons selon vos priorités. DECOUVRIR > À PROPOS ABOUT After ten years of experience, I am recognized for my skills as a digital marketing consultant in Paris. I help my clients with lead generation and digital marketing to support their development. Whether it is project planning, business analysis or crisis management, I am there for my clients, wherever they are in France. Business development in times of crisis (economic or health) can sometimes become difficult, so I do everything I can to help them. Le Poisson is a vision of corporate strategy: agile, dynamic, at ease, even in troubled waters. ME CONTACTER > APPROCHE 3 AREAS OF EXPERTISE In a COVID situation, the needs to accelerate or relaunch development are major issues. Faced with increasingly offensive competition on new digital media, publicizing a new offer or professionalizing marketing and communication services are crucial, which is why I support you in the implementation of a sustainable digital strategy and '' implementation of high-performance tools to achieve your goals. In addition to this, you will need to know more about it. Competitiveness and visibility levers for companies, marketing and communication are a source of performance. I support companies looking for innovative solutions to generate leads and promote their offer online. From making strategic decisions to developing their capabilities, I'm here to help them every step of the way. My expertise and my in-depth knowledge of digital marketing are sources of real solutions and concrete results. Contact me to make an appointment. Prise de brief Proposition de plan d'actions Mise en place des outils de suivi + détails du plan d'actions + sélection et intégration d'éventuels outils Suivi du plan d'action PRENDRE RENDEZ-VOUS > Always a pleasure to work with Camille, available, smiling and very professional. In addition to this, you will need to know more about it. - Site Director DERNIERS ARTICLES No posts published in this language yet Once posts are published, you’ll see them here. VOIR TOUS LES ARTICLES > CONTACT CONTACT J’accepte la politique de confidentialité* To send * champs obligatoires Je souhaite recevoir des communications Merci pour votre envoi ! 17, rue Saint-Marc 75002 PARIS 06 25 45 17 81 Vous souhaitez développer votre visibilité web ? Faites-moi part de vos besoins en matière de visibilité sur internet et développez votre activité rapidement. Je me tiens à votre disposition afin de vous créer un devis personnalisé. OBTENIR UN DEVIS >

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