The number of touchpoints on a customer buying journey is increasing. Studies show it interacts with your business at least 10 times *, on average, for each buying decision.

The customer dictates when and how they communicate with your business - through your website, over the phone, on social media, or using a mobile app.

Set up your multichannel or omnichannel strategy to be present at the time of the purchase decision. Various methods to reach and serve customers as well as prospects: store, brochure, email marketing, website, telephone customer service, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter ...

In addition to this, you will need to know more about it.

* Source Popai-Illigo-SNCD

Social networks

A tailor-made approach to boost your social networks.

  • Proposal of a monthly schedule

  • Programming of 8 publications (posts or stories)

  • Advertising campaign (management + media purchase)

  • Lead generation (automation of connection requests, drafting of messages, programming of scripting of messages, automation of interactions)

  • Moderation of user behavior

  • Reply to automatic messages

  • Monthly social selling report

  • 1 monthly marketing briefing meeting


€ 2,200 *

* excluding image and video bank purchases
and set-up (1,100 € HT), for 1 month


In line with your brand image, bring your website to life to optimize your SEO.

  • 1 revised website design (PSD), favicon

  • Creation of a showcase site,

  • Creation of an online store,

  • Creation of an e-commerce site,

  • Creation of a business blog

  • Redesign of your website

  • Scalable maintenance of your current site

  • SEO SEA referencing


€ 5,500 *

* development carried out by a partner

Press relations

Improve your visibility and inspire confidence by including a media presence in your communication plan.

  • 1 press release

  • 1 to 2 raises

  • Writing of infomercials


€ 2,000 excl. Tax *

* excluding the purchase of spaces for 1 press release

Events & sound design

The customer experience has become central in the commercial approach of companies.

  • Briefing for on-line or off-line events

  • Project management, planning follow-up, customer relationship interface

  • Search for providers

  • Coordination of providers

  • Scenography and decoration

  • Creation of invitations, announcements, programs ...

  • Setting up

  • D-day assistance

  • Guest management


€ 2,750 *

* excluding booking fees and services

  • Briefing of sound orientations

  • 2 models

  • Restitution and variation of the composition in all media


€ 3,000 *

* excluding soundbank purchases